We are working towards making the space more accessible in different ways and developing our infrastructures, technologies, and behaviours.

Please get in touch at info@tendercenter.space via our email if you would like more information, to arrange for someone to call you and talk further about access, or if there is anything we can do to make this event or future events more accessible.

Here is our access information so far.

There is on street parking in nearby side streets. The nearest tram stop (Benthuizerstraat, tram 8) is a few minutes walk away. If you would like someone to go through a transport access plan or to meet you from your car or taxi please get in touch beforehand as there are roadworks in the area so the situation is changing.

Tender Center is located on street level with a 13cm threshold to the entrance. The front door has 67cm wide clearance. Inside there is a 23cm step up between the front and the back parts of the space. There is a ramp between these two floors. There is a single all genders toilet in the back part; this is not currently wheelchair accessible and doesn’t have any grab rails. The toilet door is 68cm wide.

Tender Center is essentially one space so we don’t have an indoor quiet space but there is a lovely shared garden with seating outside the back of the space which can be used for quieter moments. This is accessed by an 11cm lip followed by 5 steps, each 22cm high.

In Tender Center everyone is free to move and behave in ways which express physical and neurodiversity, for example to twitch, stimm, tic, not make eye contact, etc. There is always at least one Tender Center member on duty who you can talk to during an event; they will announce themselves at the beginning.

At the moment we cannot ensure all our events are entirely scent-free. Our space can be a little damp in winter time and we are an old building so there are no doubt various allergens in the air.

When there is event specific access information we will advertise it, e.g. if we show a film with closed captions or have NGT interpretation available.

Our events sometimes involve a suggested donation. If you are unable to make this donation it is completely ok and we will not question you.

For the majority of our events, the working language is English (as a first, second, third...language), sometimes it is Dutch (which is indicated in the event description). People who come to our space speak a range of other languages and we are open to hosting events that have other working languages.

In general our closed events have a NO PHOTOS policy. For open to all events, performances are occasionally photographed or videoed on the request of the performers. Very very occasionally we have had someone present to take photos of the vibe of the event -- this only ever happens at events that are open to the general public. The presence of a photographer will always be announced and there is the option to wear a NO PHOTOS button on these occasions.

If you’re coming to the space on your own or the first time alone and want some company or to meet up before just drop us a line on info@tendercenter.space