TC is currently eleven people and a space who go by these words: We are a collective of anti-racist feminist queers who are building the beginnings of a community center for culture; or a venue for queer events; or a les university of life in Rotterdam. Tender Center is a relational infrastructure and venue with parties, agitation, co-learning, bodies in varying states, gardening, (s)words, conversation, workshops, food, diy darkroom, curry, and a solid sound system. Tender Center is a not-for-profit association, and we are currently running on funds from our own small pockets and the energies of those who support us in making the space and community activities possible -- thank you all! Thank you, our lesbian trans* feminist queer p.o.c friends, and wider ltqbgipq communities and allies, for creating a space for music, art, poetry, politics, hanging out, and care of all queer kinds.

Tender Center Rotterdam is the place to go for all who seek to question heteronormativity and want to bask in queerness. TC is feminist. TC is a trans* space. TC welcomes refugees, asylum seekers, and others affected by immigration systems. TC likes dancing in the daytime. TC is a place to gather and generate energies that overspill its boundaries. TC has a problem with categories, even self defined ones. TC is a spacetime that is being practiced by the community of people who inhabit it. It’s a practical and a dreaming infrastructure. A house for light and deep hanging out and thinking thoughts towards as-yet unthinkable possibilities. A house for learning the tools you’re gonna need in the future we’re building. A collective practice of shared care and responsibility that is sensitive to its inevitable painful failures and creates spontaneous joy. TC is open to all when that’s possible but sometimes it needs to set limits. TC acknowledges the messiness and complexity of life and the uneven distribution of absolutely everything and wants to talk and listen and act about this. TC is a membership organisation.

TC members, volunteers, and organisers are queer social space makers (working as volunteers in our spare time).

Tender Center currently works through a combination of hosting events with other people/organisations, and organising some of our own programme. We host a wide range of event types and vibes in our modest space -- event listings will be clear if events are open to all or otherwise. If you or your group have an idea for an event you’d like to see/organise/host at Tender Center then please get in touch on

Our capacity is 50-60 people, depending on spatial arrangement!

If you’re coming to the space on your own or the first time alone and want some company or to meet up before just drop us a line on