We are a collective of feminist queers who are building the beginnings of a community center for culture; or a venue for queer events; or a les university of life in Rotterdam.

Tender Center is a relational infrastructure with parties, agitation, co-learning, bodies in varying states, gardening, (s)words, conversation, workshops, food, diy darkroom, cats, curry, and a solid sound system.

Tender Center is run as a not-for-profit association and we currently are running on funds from our own small pockets.

To all of you who have supported us in the last 5 months in making the space possible, thank you! Thank you, our lesbian trans feminist queer p.o.c friends, and wider ltqbgipq communities and allies for making it possible to create a space for music, art, politics, hanging out, and care of all queer kinds.


wimmin & trans
queer bar night

It's bar night at Tender Center again this thursday!
Hope to see your lovely faces on this evening ♥
Feel free to bring allies and dyke hags!

Open from 19:30 – 01:00.
Cash & Tikkie donations accepted

For facebook event click here.

A note on access:
Tender Center is located on street level with a slightly raised threshold to the entrance. Inside there is a step up from the front part to the back part of the space. There is a single private toilet in this back part which is not currently wheelchair accessible. There is a garden with seating outside the back of the space (accessed by stairs) which can be used for quieter moments. We are working towards making the space more accessible in different ways and developing our infrastructures, technologies, and behaviours. Please get in touch via our email if you would like more information or if there is anything we can do to make this event or future events more accessible.